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Welcome to Chroma Road, where speed and reflexes are king, and color coordination is the name of the game! Chroma Road is a tough-as-nails, fast-paced color-puzzle/endless-runner hybrid where you must match colors with gates in order to proceed. Use the Z, X, and C keys to change to any primary color (red, green, and blue), and combine them to form secondary colors! Think fast and stay sharp as you pass through the gates, gaining score and staying alive along the way. Keep going to get a high score and ace the best time!


- UP, DOWN:.......... Move your character
- Z, X, C:..................... Change colors
- SPACE, SHIFT:..... Drop colors

Chroma Road is my ninth game as part of the #1GAM challenge, and the first I have made using HaxeFlixel, an awesome framework that expands on the already impressive capabilities of the Haxe programming language. This game was, in a lot of ways, a learning experience for me, but I feel like I have improved significantly in HaxeFlixel since when I first started :) I hope you enjoy this game, and I promise my next HaxeFlixel game will be better still!

If you play Chroma Road, please give me some feedback about it below! :D


Chroma Road.zip 7 MB

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