This is an expanded version of the classic game Tic-Tac-Toe (or Noughts & Crosses) that features a 5X5 board, but still only takes 3-in-a-row to win! It allows for four players (the shapes X, O, Square, and Triangle), with all non-human players being controlled by a very simple AI.

CONTROLS: In a desktop browser, mouse-only. Click the number of human players on the main menu, then click a cell on the board to place your pieces. On mobile, the game is touch-only. Touch main menu buttons to select the number of players and touch cells to place your pieces.

This game was made mostly as an experiment with HaxeFlixel's HTML5 target. It is meant to be played in both desktop and mobile browsers. If you have any difficulty playing this game, please provide details regarding the problem and your device/browser in the comments!

NOTE: This game may display improperly or not work at all in some mobile browsers. For instance, older versions of the default Android browser may not be able to load the game. To fix this issue, try using a different browser (such as Chrome on Android). In some cases, the screen may be too small to display the entirety of the game window. Landscape orientation may sometimes correct this problem.

This is my 10th game as part of the #1GAM challenge!

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