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Torso Ninja II is finally here, with all the star-flying action you can handle! The sequel to the frantic curtain-fire shooter-where-you-can't-shoot, Torso Ninja, Torso Ninja II pits you against three levels of insane action! Torso Ninja himself returns (sans arms, of course) and you must guide him safely through waves of bullets and enemies! No more random patterns with easy workarounds - each level in Torso Ninja II has been painstakingly designed to offer a tremendous (but beatable) challenge! Dodge shuriken, collect pickups, use life-saving smoke bombs, and do whatever it takes to survive the waves of enemies and rack up a high score! But keep a look out - these hostile red ninjas have a new, dangerous leader, and he has it in for our intrepid, armless shinobi...

Torso Ninja II is my 6th game as part of #1GAM, and the first sequel I have ever made. To all the fans of the original, I hope you enjoy this revisit, and to any new players, watch out! This is no easy game :)

If you would like to play the original Torso Ninja, it is available on Game Jolt here: http://gamejolt.com/games/torso-ninja/116369

10/25/17: Torso Ninja I and II have now been licensed as free software!

Torso Ninja I source code: https://github.com/ErikLetson/torso-ninja

Torso Ninja II source code: https://github.com/ErikLetson/torso-ninja-2


  • You can click the left mouse button at any time to drop a smoke bomb and become invincible for a few seconds. But watch out! You can only carry a maximum of three at a time, and if you run out, you'll have to collect more from a pickup!
  • You earn an extra life every 100,000 points you make, so rack that score up!
  • Each pattern is designed to be intimidating, but they all have blind spots that allow you to navigate them safely. Your challenge is to find these spots!

Post your best scores below! Questions and comments are also always welcome! :)

Install instructions

To play Torso Ninja II, simply extract the Torso Ninja II folder from the zip archive (using Windows' built-in extractor or an archive program like 7zip) and place it anywhere on your PC. Remember not to remove the Torso Ninja II executable from the game folder, or else it will not run! A Windows shortcut has been provided with this game. You can place it on your desktop to allow you to quickly access Torso Ninja II.

Have fun! :)


Torso Ninja II.zip 88 MB

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